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Why you need a mechanical bull at your next event!


Can you last eight seconds on one of our mechanical bulls? We offer mechanical bulls rentals all over Mid Atlantic including Delaware, Maryland, and Pennsylvania! We only use the best bulls and safest on the market and are manufactured in the USA in State College PA by Mechanical Bull Sales. Our bulls have presets with varying difficulties and our operators have full control over the buck, spin, and speed. Whether you're looking to perform like a true rodeo cowboy or just want the experience of a slow graceful ride, we can provide the fun! You are sure to keep everyone talking about how awesome your event was by having the added excitement and entertainment of a mechanical bull. Everyone will be laughing, cheering and enjoying themselves for hours. 


Our bulls begin with the high-quality craftsmanship of Mechanical Bulls Sales. They use only the best materials and the newest safety features. All of their bulls are covered in real hides and they construct all of them in Pennsylvania.


We are proud to announce that our bulls are currently the only bulls in the area to be sponsored and endorsed by the PBR. In Fact, our Bulls are so realistic that the PBR decided to team up with us. They announced that mechanical bulls would be integrated into competition at its elite series, beginning in the 2020 season and will be using MBS bulls read the article HERE. All of our bulls come with a specialty PBR cover. So when you rent from us you know you're going to get a one of a kind experience! 

"My young son (7 years old) and daughter (5 years old) had the time of their lives riding the bull from By the Horns, LLC. at a party, we were at. I literally could not pull the kids away they rode for hours!"

Ryan F. - Wilmington DE.

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